Just Getting Back? The IRS Asked Me to Remind You

soldiers-return_789349iI know you just got back, but the IRS still wants to see that tax return.

Taxpayers who were in military or naval service outside the United States or Puerto Rico (sorry, Fort Buchanan) on April 15 receive an automatic extension of two months to file 2012 returns (no extension filing required). However, the deadline for filing that return is now right around the corner.

Since June 15 falls on a Saturday this year, eligible taxpayers will have until June 17 to file. Remember that the IRS will be closed on Friday, June 14 so it will be unable to accept or acknowledge receipt of electronically-filed returns on that day.

The automatic extension also applies to taxpayers who were living outside the U.S. or Puerto Rico on April 15 and also have a primary place of business or workplace outside the U.S. or Puerto Rico (like those guys in the movie Cocktail).

For service members and taxpayers still not ready to file a complete return, filing a Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, will give you additional time to empty the shoebox, sort the receipts, and get that return in without penalty.

There, I managed to work the Navy and Tom Cruise into the same post without mentioning that 1980s film about the jets.

(SNL) IRS Scandal (Weekend) Update

We have stood by while the IRS has taken shots from both the right and the left in recent days. The 501(c)(4) targeting situation will certainly yield changes for the IRS – how broad and how meaningful are yet to be seen. We may have more to say when we see what really comes of it all.

In the meantime, folks are lining up to take a bit of stuffing out of the IRS. This one is too good to let pass. Amy Poehler is a family favorite and we recommended her Thursday night gig if you haven’t checked it out before. Here she is with Seth Myers in a return to Weekend Update.

Donald Duck says Pay Your Taxes!

It’s that time of year when taxes are on everybody’s mind. It might seem hard to imagine but there was a time when the annual ritual of filing taxes was still a new idea. That was the case during World War II and Donald Duck helped out with this little bit of propaganda.

And just as a reminder, you’ve got one week to file your return or automatic extension. The deadline for filing individual returns this year is Tuesday, April 17.

Thanks to NPR’s Planet Money Podcast for bringing the story and the video to our attention.