U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Tax Penalty Case

us-supreme-courtThe Supreme Court has granted the government’s petition for certiorari in United States v. Woods, No. 12-562. The high court will decide whether the IRC §6662 overstatement penalty applies to underpayments of tax that are “attributable to an overstatement of basis” when the basis has been disallowed because the transactions that established the basis lacked economic substance.

The Court also asked the parties to brief an additional issue related to the procedural history of the case. Specifically, the Court is interested in whether the district court had jurisdiction under IRC §6226 to consider the substantial valuation misstatement penalty. This question, which arises under the procedural guidelines that govern large partnerships in TEFRA, has been raised in many cases over the course of the last decade. The heart of the matter is what issues are appropriate for resolution in a partner-level proceeding and which should be resolved at the partnership level.

Read the court’s order here:
12-562 U.S. v. Woods

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